We believe you should

Grow your business not your risk

We’re building a solution that solves the issues people and businesses are experiencing with identity, and data exchange on the internet. If we do this right every person, business, and device will be able to simply and safely exchange information as they choose.

About IDI

We are a technology solutions provider that leverages emerging technologies to solve problems of identity and trust that are affecting every digital information exchange.

This will –

Increase our customers’ confidence in Internet transactions through privacy and user control and generate new opportunities and business growth.

Empower our employees to lead this innovation and solve meaningful societal challenges.

Create significant new value for our customers, employees and owners.

Random Thoughts

Identity: Does it need Blockchain

Recently I attended DC Blockchain Summit 2017 put on by the Chamber of Digital Commerce. During one of the panels, they took a live poll asking the audience of about 300 people which use case they thought was most critical. Identity was by and far the number one use...

Trust – a Tale of Two Worlds : the Social Contract

Our digital world is becoming more and more intertwined with our natural world. We transact with digital currency. We buy goods sight unseen through digital storefronts. Our world view is formed by digital news outlets and social interactions from around the globe....

Online Trust Can Change Everything

Trust is central to the functioning of the Internet. Security and privacy are key components that impact online trust and were not originally designed and built into the Internet. They have been added in layers over time which have not been completely successful....